Initial Routine Treatment £36.00 Most conditions will be covered in the routine appointment; general nail care, hard skin/callus and corn removal, verruca, fungal nails, non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails, cracked heels and reduction of thickened toenails. Your first appointment will be slightly longer than normal, the Podiatrist will conduct a foot assessment which is requirement of the Health & Care Professions Council.

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Rebooked Routine Treatment £30.00.  We value loyalty, so when you rebook within 12 weeks of your last appointment we reduce your treatment cost to £30.00. For annual or 6 monthly appointments you will be charged as per the initial routine price of £36.00.

Initial Routine Treatment & Warm Wax Therapy £48.00  Ideal for anyone with dry, cracked skin or joint pain. After a routine podiatry treatment, feet are massaged with a nourishing oil before warm paraffin wax is applied. The feet are wrapped and kept warm for 10 minutes before the wax is removed and the feet massaged. 

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Biomechanical Analysis £60.00 An initial consultation with our Biomechanical MSK Podiatrist will include a detailed history, full clinical examination which may require a treadmill gait analysis to assess the lower limb movement pattern,  alongside footwear evaluation. Functional foot orthoses may be prescribed as part of the complex rehabilitation and exercise treatment plan.  Biomechanical problems associated with the lower limb may include pain in the lower back, hip, knee, shin, achilles, ankle, heel or general foot joint or arch discomfort.

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Nail Surgery (Price on Enquiry) For the relief of persistent painful or infected ingrown or fungal toenails under local anaesthetic. A pre-operative appointment is required before your surgery.

Verruca Needling £150.00 Surgical solution for recalcitrant verruca. This procedure is designed to make the immune system aware of the presence of the virus. Under Local Anaesthetic the body of the infection is painlessly broken down with a sterile needle to stimulate the bodies immune response. The appointment takes approximately 60 minutes and can be booked after an initial consultation and referral is made. The surgery is conducted in all 3 podiatry clinics. There is a follow up appointment included in the cost of surgery. 

Corticosteroid Injections £120.00. Performed by Highly Specialist Podiatrist Mr Graeme Carter as part of a detailed treatment plan. Suitable for pain relief and reduction in inflammation relating to Plantar Fasciitis/Plantar Heel Pain, Mortons Neuroma/Intermetatarsal Bursitis, Osteoarthritis of the 1st or 2nd Metatarsal Joint, Midfoot and Ankle Joint, Retro Calcaneal Bursa and Sinus Tarsi Syndrome.  

Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction £20.00 per large toenail/£60.00 per full set (Nail Preparation £36.00).  Flexible gel system specifically designed for toenails. Excellent solution for anyone requiring cosmetic solution to fungal, thickened or damaged nails. 


Rebooked Routine Home Treatment £35.00/ Initial £38.00 Most conditions will be covered in the routine appointment and include; general nail care, hard skin/callus and corn removal, verruca, fungal nails, non-surgical treatment of ingrown toenails, cracked heels and reduction of thickened toenails. 


Please Allow 24 Hours Notice for reschedule or cancellation of an appointment. Missed appointments will incur a charge up to the full value of the treatment required.