Chilblains in winter

Oh no, It’s that time of year for chilblains!

Chilblains are a result of vasoconstriction of the tiny blood vessels in the extremities such as the hands and feet. They are caused by rapid extremes of temperature which we experience here in the Peak District!

What’s the best way to prevent chilblains?

Wear socks at all time and layering is good – consider wearing 2 pairs of thinner pairs in your boots rather than one thick pair.

Think about the thickness of your soles; wear shoes with a thick sole to raise you off the cold ground.

When you head indoors don’t be tempted to warm up quickly. DON’T put your feet against a radiator, fire or hot water bottle, this will dilate the blood vessels too quickly and cause the chilblains

Change your cold/damp socks when you get home for some clean,dry ones, pop on your slippers, put the draft excluder against your door, wrap your lower legs in a fleece blanket and allow your body to return to its normal temperature.

You can even purchase creams from our podiatry clinic  to reduce the inflammation when they do appear.

So keep your feet warm against the extreme weather this year and let’s look forward to spring!