‘Feedspot’ have included us in the ‘Top 10 UK Podiatry Blogs & Websites To Follow 2019’ from the thousands of UK Blogs on the Web!

As nice as the award is, we don’t write blogs for that reason.

However, It’s a particular honour to be recognised as a website ‘actively working to educate, inspire and empower with high-quality information’.

Mission accomplished!

The Effects Of Chemotherapy On Feet

Did you know your feet can be affected when you undergo chemotherapy? In our podiatry practice we see many patients receiving chemotherapy. Many report symptoms on the hands and feet ranging from altered sensation and numbness, redness, peeling and cracked…

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Recondition your nails this Autumn!

AUTUMN is here and it’s a great time to recondition your nails after the summer! When we consider the damage we have inflicted, it’s little wonder why they are flaky, dry and discoloured. That’s why we recommend American brand ‘Dr’s…

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Verruca Needling

If you are considering your treatment options for a long standing verruca then needling may be worth considering… What is a Verruca? Verruca are benign tumours, caused by an infection of the epidermal keratinocytes by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)…

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What Should I do If My Toenails Are Fungal?

Step One… Just to reassure you, fungal nails are common. Very common. They are NOT serious but can look unsightly and cause embarrassment. They can affect not only your toenails but can on occasion, spread to your fingernails. However, not…

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Essential Tips For Party Feet

If you’re attending a function this summer don’t forget your feet! Having hidden your feet in enclosed shoes all winter the chances are they will be in desperate need of a little TLC! Summer is the season for weddings, garden…

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